What a way to invest a Saturday afternoon - the household is over, you're having a cookout and you choose you wish to watch those old family films with them. Treasured memories that everyone desires to see including the children who wish to see what you were like when you were younger.Don't forget that time is versus when it pertains to 8mm films. … Read More

Obviously the very best way to generate income from film is have your story bought by a Hollywood producer, or just any producer. But until that happens, what can you do? Well, quite a lot as it ends up.This very situation is why film to video transfer emerged in the 1980s. It's a solution for anybody looking to amuse their guests with old films (m… Read More

What a method to spend a Saturday afternoon - the family is over, you're having a cookout and you decide you want to enjoy those old family movies with them. Cherished memories that everyone wishes to see consisting of the children who wish to see what you resembled when you were more youthful.I have a friend who produced a film about her high scho… Read More

A buddy of mine was searching for large sheets of movie to utilize in some photo etchings. The photo shop that sold it to them before was out the movie and stated that it was no longer being produced. As a matter of fact, the producer had to ruin all of its staying stock due to tax factors.The film reaches the warehouse and inspectors start to grad… Read More